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Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer Reviews – Perfectly executed Production and Mystery Series [MUST WATCH]


Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer Reviews – Yes another crime documentary series from director producer Joe Burlinger who earlier this year gave you season 1 aka crime scene the vanishing at the Cecil Hotel this time we go to New York City and this time we go way way way back to the disco 70s era when the crime rate was so dangerously high they nicknamed New York I kid you not fear city if you hadn’t noticed by now this entire series is about either a murder or a mystery or a mix of both.

But it’s always in the context of the location or the environment surrounding that murder mystery so while this season 2 focuses on a serial killer the torso killer it also examines how exactly did times square play a part in essentially giving the torso killer the permission to prey on the weak, and trust me you are going to want to shower afterwards because some of the stuff that you’ll be seeing on this documentary is nasty crime scene.

Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer Main Story

The time square killer is disturbing it’s gruesome it’s scary and it will shake you to your core directed and executed produced by Oscar nominated an Emmy-winning filmmaker Joe Berlinger.

Season 2 or crime scene – the times square killer begins as firemen respond to a call at a Cecil hotel in the middle of times square in December 1979, what they discover among the smoke and ash shocks even the most seasoned nyc homicide detectives triggering a hunt for a vicious serial killer who preyed upon s*x workers operating within times squares.

Then booming anything goes s*x industry the three-part series takes viewers deep into the investigation detailing the social and systemic forces at play in a near lawless area in the center of Manhattan.

Which allowed multiple horrific crimes to go unnoticed for too long a wide range of subjects are profiled to bring the era to life from times square denizens to beat cops to the daughter of New York self-proclaimed p*rno king with exclusive access to Jennifer Weiss, the daughter of one of the victims the series also underscores her efforts to identify others who remain jane those lost to an infamous long gone time and place.

Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer Reviews

Just like season 1 season 2’s format and style are basically the same the documentary opens with the most horrendous most graphic most heinous most horrific murder you can possibly imagine right off the bat it just hits you in the face with it and it’ll stay with you for days on end and then it follows the progression of the investigation and in between.

That it would inform you of what it was like to be at times square in the 1970s for those who are old enough to remember and actually came from that specific east coast region this season 2 must feel like going down a not so pleasant memory lane but to the rest of us it’s like learning a history lesson that your teachers never tell you about.

But here’s the larger themes at play yeah on one hand seeing times square s*xual anarchy and wild west deviancy might trigger your conservative side that would quickly judge it to hell on the other hand.

It also brings up significant issues regarding sx workers and women’s rights and the unfair stigma associated with the sx industry the documentary is basically saying hey if you go draconian it’s the vulnerable that get punished but at the same time if there are no regulations and force then things would go badly out of hand.

Predators view women’s worth or women’s value as nothing more than some over-the-counter item on the shelf and that mentality is exacerbated by this petri dish called time square that brings out the worst in people.

What makes it different from Season 1?

Unlike season 1, season 2 only has a total of 3 episodes the amount of old archival footage gathered is unbelievable the reenactments are also haunting and chilling they really go to incredible lengths when detailing the rise and fall of times square’s pornography it’s jaw-dropping.  I’m still having difficulties wrapping my head around what that place was back then as for the investigation it really points out how simple and primitive the methods were it really gives you a newfound admiration for the detectives who at the time did not have today’s luxuries and convenience.

Last but not least I’ve visited New York city about five times now I’ve got friends who lived there so I’d visit them as often as I could, I even did the whole new year’s ball countdown it was freezing cold so nyc specifically times square has a soft spot in my heart but let’s face it the place is massively corporatized with product placements and advertisements everywhere.

So there are valid criticism that you can make about times square’s excessive display of capitalism but I don’t think anyone will disagree that today’s times square is miles better than the p*rn infested time square of the 1970s I mean it’s not perfect I’m sure there are still pickpocketing or muggings all over the place but they have definitely made it harder for other potential torso killer wannabes to commit evil and that’s a good thing.

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