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Hawkeye Season 1 Finale Explained: Was King Pin from Netflix’s Series? Matt Murdock of Netflix and MCU are different?

Hawkeye Season 1 Ending

Hawkeye Season 1 Finale Explained: We have to talk about the finale episode of Hawkeye I saw so many people upset in chat at the watch party or dming me this morning thinking that Wilson Fisk got killed off as soon as they brought Vincent D’Onofrio back I am 100 confirming that kingpin is not dead and in fact if they stick to the comics just a little bit we know exactly what happened to Wilson Fisk off screen and what’s going to happen to him in the future of the MCU.

So we’re breaking down everything kingpin and of course the reveal at the end of the episode Clint Barton’s wife’s tied to that watch a retired shield agent and a named one at that we’re breaking down the huge reveals yesterday in Hawkeye.

The Last Episode starts with kingpin interacting with Eleanor and I loved that that was great that we were waiting for him and it wasn’t some cameo at the end of the episode but it’s the end of the episode that had people so upset now in case you got lost in what was going on in the storyline here because yes there were a lot of threads that all of a sudden were being tied up super quickly Maya aka ‘Ehco’.

Is King Pin really dead after Hawkeye Season 1?

Hawkeye Season 2 Kate Bishop hot

Basically realizes kingpin is responsible for her father’s death ultimately even though he raised her and that’s where the awkward I love you comes from the beginning of the episode and here at the end of the episode when she raises the gun and they scroll off screen we know presumably she shot him point blank in the face causing everybody and rightfully so to wonder did they just kill off kingpin as soon as they introduced him to the MCU.

No they did not remember earlier in the episode they made sure to show us him surviving being hit by a car close proximity to explosives and taking an arrow point blank kingpin is a very strong villain yes not on the level of Dr. Doom, Thanos, Magneto, Galactus something like that but a very strong villain he has taken a lot of damage in the comics and survived and in fact in one comic particular was shot point blank in the face by echo.

In The Daredevil Comics run by David Mack in 1998 books 11-13 shout out to a member of the community of gents and demons for pointing this out was shot point-blank in the face by echo ended up going temporarily blind but then gets his eyesight back during daredevil number 50 written by Brian Michael Bendis revealing to Matt Murdock that he had reconstructive surgery on his eyes so this has already happened in the comics.

It is probably going to happen again they wouldn’t bring back Vincent D’Onofrio’s character just to kill him off in his very first appearance in the MCU and following the comic line where ECHO goes for retribution in this exact same instance and shoots in point blank.

They’ll probably follow that something similar he’ll lose his eyesight in a way that will be sort of a mirror arc to daredevil um and you can assume that going forward into the MCU.

What will happen to Wilson Fisk?

Wilson Fisk hawkeye

Kingpin will be sticking around he’s taken a lot of damage in the comics and I know guys I know a point blank shot to the face how could he survive people actually have survived gunshots like that in real life and remember he’s a super villain.

He took a ton of damage during this episode and this plays right in line with the comics so suspect we will see kingpin in the future it’s going to play out exactly like he did in the comics he’s going to lose his eyesight and maybe we’ll be a scarred version of himself when we see him later down the road in the upcoming Echo Series on Disney Plus, and or daredevil wherever he should show up next and who knows this scarring may lead to a more comic book accurate portrayal of the character.

Who is Clint’s wife Laura Barton in reality?

If he when losing his eyesight decides that all he’s going to do is work out now the other huge reveal from this episode was of course Laura Barton being revealed as agent 19 mockingbird a retired shield agent and the reason that Clint Barton had to secure that Rolex. Was it tied to his wife’s identity? and he wanted to make sure that all loose ends were tied up that’s why she was interested in the first place her being mockingbird makes sense she was married to Clint in the comics but of course this does one of two things it either means that Pilicky’s character the actress who played uh mockingbird on agents of shield.

Laura Barton Hawkeye

One of two things happens here either she picks up the moniker after Laura Barton retires just you know agent 19 re-appropriated like 007, she was mockingbird and now she becomes mockingbird or agents of shield just isn’t canon which guys let’s be real here agents of shield is not canon um there was this huge thing earlier in the year.

If you remember that something about one of the people who made a book was interviewed one of the higher ups a quote was misconstrued and all of a sudden people were saying agents of shield this cannon I think it’s one of those things where the loose continuity that exists in any of the marvel programming before this all in inclusion of these characters is just lost by the wayside.

I think it’s pretty certain that you know some people are always going to say Asian of shields is canon because of Coulson’s inclusion there were other slight references to the MCU back and forth but the reality is that I think this character being mockingbird is the least of what’s going on with variants.

Was MCU’s King Pin from Netflix’s Daredevil Series?

We still have bigger questions to ask whether or not this Kingpin we just saw is the Kingpin we saw from the Netflix shows whether or not Matt Murdock we were just introduced to in Spider-Man no way home is the Matt Murdock we followed throughout the Netflix shows.

I think this is going to be okay it was a nice little twist and reveal it also makes a lot of sense why Laura Barton was always understanding of Clint Barton’s necessity to be Hawkeye to finish missing missions, even when it was detrimental to their family but she was okay with being on a hideout farm all the things that go in with that because she was a retired shield agent, because she knew the job and she knew it firsthand.

Matt Murdock Spider-Man No Way Home

Though it makes a lot of sense but one final thought I want to leave you with as we push uh on further now into more Disney Plus shows just reflecting on this series I think this was one of the better Disney Plus series maybe even second or third on the list this year.

But man they have got to work out the pacing issue, at certain times through this episode it felt like it was extremely disjointed I think acting one and two act one and two were succinct but somewhere in the middle of act 2 this episode fell off the rails at the end and the episode picked up running but then couldn’t find its destination.

While the other five episodes seemed like they were perfectly matched so here’s my suggestion in retrospect I don’t know if marvel’s ever gonna hear this I think instead of running two episodes out at the beginning of a series they should run the second to finale like the penultimate and the finale at the same time because I think the pacing for some of these finale episodes the pacing in this reminded me of the pacing of falcon and winter soldier, where we hit the ground running but then had to make up for like a weird roll in the middle or beginning of uh the middle of the episode or the beginning of the third act.

And we don’t know maybe you guys felt the same way maybe I’m nitpicking I absolutely love these series i just thought that the finale was uh one of the weaker episodes which is not really what you want let me know all your thoughts down below quickly.

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